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Health Libraries West for the Public in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire: Home

Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire

Health Libraries West is a collaborative effort between local NHS Libraries and Bristol Public Libraries. Our aim is to make health information accessible to the public within the Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire region.   

Finding quality health information

Behind the headlinesThere's a lot being shared online. Some of this information may not be true, or could be misleading.

Click here for some myth-busting!

The NHS App

The new NHS AppOwned and run by the NHS, the NHS App can help you manage your health and wellbeing. 

Health Literacy

Finding quality health information: It's the ability to read and understand health information. It helps us make decisions about our health. With so much info about, it can be hard to tell what is trustworthy.

Social prescribing

 What is social prescribing? Social prescribing highlights that people need variety to stay happy and healthy. It focuses on social factors of people's health and wellbeing. 

Your Libraries

Search your library online for a huge collection of books, eBooks, eAudiobooks, health and wellbeing magazines, CDs, DVDs and more. Get items sent to your local library for collection.


NHS.UK offers free information on a huge variety of health topics. It is the ultimate health resource for the UK.

5 steps to mental wellbeing

Eat Well

Information and guidance about eating a healthy, balanced diet. Click here for a fantastic NHS resource on eating well. 

Reading Well

Reading Well has tons of quality-assured health info you can access for free via the website or your local library!

Sleep and tiredness

Reasons why you might feel tired and advice about what you can do to prevent tiredness. Check out this guide from the NHS about tiredness.