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UHBW Library and Information Services: Latest Evidence

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Latest Evidence


We aim to give you the gift of time: To achieve this, we have a variety of resources to keep you updated with the latest evidence in your field, including:

Evidence Updates

Our evidence update service includes our:

Evidence Update Bulletins
Access to Knowledgeshare

Please visit the page to view and sign up to our current evidence update bulletins and to find out more about Knowledgeshare.

Evidence Summaries

We have created a variety of evidence summaries to give overviews of the evidence base of selected topics.
Please visit this page to view a list of our existing evidence summaries and to find out how you can request your own.

Outreach Service

Find out more about our librarian outreach service and how we can provide embedded expertise in your working area.

Patient First

View this page for evidence summaries for each of the Patient First Breakthrough Objectives. 

Please contact for more information.