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UHBW Library and Information Services: Systematic Reviews

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Introduction to Systematic Reviews

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What is a systematic review?

"This type of review is a specific methodology that aims to comprehensively identify all relevant studies on a specific topic, and to select appropriate studies based on explicit criteria. In addition, the methodological quality of the studies included is assessed by on the basis of explicit criteria, such as the presence of a pre-test or a control group."

Why systematic reviews matter  A brief history, overview and practical guide for authors.

You can find more information about conducting a Systematic Review here: Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions

Knowledge and Library Services Support  Click on this link to find out more about the service that we provide

Systematic Reviews – Knowledge and Library Services Support

Please read the full guidelines here: Systematic reviews – Policy on KLS Support

Providing literature search support is an integral part of our service; however providing support in designing, constructing and developing a search strategy for systematic review is a lengthy process. With this in mind we have put in place the following guidelines in relation to systematic review support. The following outlines the Knowledge and Library Service’s policy for collaboration with staff on reviews, such as systematic reviews, narrative reviews, realist reviews and other types of reviews.


Systematic Review Guidelines

Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) Statement

PRISMA Checklist

PRISMA 2020 flow diagram for updated systematic reviews which included searches of databases and registers only

PRISMA 2020 flow diagram for updated systematic reviews which included searches of databases, registers and other sources

How to properly use the PRISMA Statement:Rafael Sarkis-Onofre, Ferrán Catalá-López, Edoardo Aromataris & Craig Lockwood 

Systematic Reviews volume 10, Article number: 117 (2021) 



Registering Your Systematic Review

Before registering a new systematic review, check PROSPERO to see whether a similar review already exists. 

"Prospective registration of systematic reviews promotes transparency, helps reduce potential for bias and serves to avoid unintended duplication of reviews. Registration offers advantages to many stakeholders in return for modest additional effort from the researchers registering their reviews." 

Stewart, L., Moher, D. & Shekelle, P. Why prospective registration of systematic reviews makes sense. Syst Rev 1, 7 (2012).