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UHBW Library and Information Services: Knowledge Mobilisation

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Knowledge Mobilisation

A diagram of how evidence and knowledge is mobilised in healthcare settings based on Lambe's knowledge management toolkit.

“It is not enough to have the right teams in the right place, collaborating to deliver high quality, efficient patient care. It is essential that they use the right knowledge and evidence at the right time.”
Health Education England, 2021

Healthcare is a knowledge industry. Sharing knowledge, experience and expertise informs learning and development and builds know-how, saving the NHS time and money and driving innovation. We can support you in a variety of ways to mobilise knowledge within your team or department, from providing the latest evidence to facilitating sessions. Contact us at to find out more.

K is for Knowledge and M is for Mobilisation. Why bother with Knowledge Mobilisation in healthcare? Knowledge mobilisation encourages NHS bodies, their staff, learners, patients and the public to use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time, in the right place, enabling high quality decision-making, learning, research and innovation to achieve excellent healthcare and health improvement.  

Mobilising evidence

The Knowledge Mobilisation Framework summarises many of the services that we can facilitate. Please get in touch at for an appointment with our Knowledge Specialist to see which tools and techniques can best help your team.

Image of the Knowledge Mobilisation Framework

Our Services

Here are more details on some of the key services we can facilitate. Please get in touch at for more information.

Before Action Review

A Before Action review is a group discussion to consider issues that might arise during a planned project. The process helps teams to anticipate risks and learn from similar events.

After Action Review

An After Action Review is held after an activity and identifies what worked well and what could be improved upon. This can then inform future actions and similar work.

Knowledge Retention Interviews

Often, important information is lost when colleagues leave or move to a new post. We can support you to capture key knowledge using a facilitated interview, storing the results so that they can be easily accessed and used.

For more information on Knowledge Retention Interviews, please click here.

Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice is a group based around a common theme or role and is a space to share ideas, tips and advice to facilitate learning and development. We would be more than happy to help you with the development of your own community of practice, in order to support the Trust value of collaboration.

What is the Knowledge Mobilisation Framework: Video

The above 2 minute video by Louise Goswami (Regional head of Library and Knowledge Services, Health Education England) describes in more detail how the NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework can be used to support workforce transformation in healthcare. 

Health Education England

Health Education England logo

For more help and guidance on Knowledge Mobilisation direct from Health Education England, please follow this link for webinars, articles, books and more.

For Health Education England’s full report on "Knowledge for Healthcare: Mobilising evidence; sharing knowledge; improving outcomes", please click here.