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UHBW Library and Information Services: Outreach Service

Library website for UHBW

What is Library Outreach?

Outreach librarians go out and about, working with staff at all levels and areas of the Trust to provide library expertise when and where you need it. Our team are here to make finding information for your work simple, whether it's for patient care, service improvement, research or more.

What we can do for you

At UHBW, the Knowledge and Library service Outreach team can help you by:

Every ward and non-clinical area can take advantage from the expertise of the outreach library service. In addition to the above, we can attend and present at team meetings where appropriate to provide support in real-time, provide information for awareness events and campaigns, as well as deliver training and presentations at a time and place convenient to you.

Literature Searches

We can search NHS library databases to collate articles, conference documents, working papers and other literature on your behalf, saving you time. This service is available to all staff at UHBW: All you need is a research question. To request a literature search, please click here.

Please note: Following regional guidance from Health Education England, we cannot perform any literature searches going solely towards coursework/study if the evidence search is part of the requester’s learning objectives, or will be assessed as a part of your work. If you are using a library literature search within any assessed work, the library must be credited and assistance must be declared. As an alternative, we are happy to run a 1:1 literature searching training session with you: Please contact us at to arrange this at a time convenient to you.

Evidence Updates

We provide evidence updates for UHBW staff as part of our outreach offer. Please find out more here.

Get in Touch

Contact us at to request the services of one of your Outreach Librarians, and a member of the team will get in touch to arrange a meeting with you and your team.