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UHBW Library and Information Services: Impact

Library website for UHBW

UHBW Library and Knowledge Services regularly gathers feedback on work we've undertaken, so that we can demonstrate 
the value and impact our work has on Trust projects and objectives. 

Health librarians and knowledge specialists work closely with other staff and departments within the Trust,
bringing you tangible benefits such as savings in time, cost savings, and better efficiency.

We represent our impact in:

Case studies -- which we may share with NHS England as examples of good practice, Vignettes -- short descriptions of projects we've assisted with, and their outcomes, LoVE Testimonials -- displayed in our libraries, feedback from UHBW staff about the library services.

If you have previously used our services, we'd love to get in touch for some feedback. Please see below for details of what we've been doing recently... 

In 2023-2024 we saved the trust up to £2million! Take a look at our annual report to see how we gave you the gift of time and brought you the right knowledge, at the right time!